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nVidia Quadro FX 370 Video Card PNY VCQFX370LP-PCIE-T

nVidia Quadro FX 370 Video Card PNY VCQFX370LP-PCIE-T

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  • Model: VCQFX370LP-PCIE-T
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nVidia Quadro FX 370 LP  Dual Monitor Video Card
PNY Part Number: VCQFX370LP-PCIE-T

Manufacturer: nVidia/PNY
Model Number: FX 370LP
PNY Part Number: VCQFX370LP-PCIE-T
Memory: 256MB
Memory Bandwidth: 8 GB/s
Interface: PCI-E x16
Outputs: 1x DMS59
2x VGA via Included Splitter
Condition: New, OEM (brown box)
Included: Video Card, DMS-59 to VGA Splitter, Drivers CD
Warranty: 30 Days

  • 128-Bit Precision Graphics Pipeline
    Enables sophisticated mathematical computations to maintain high accuracy, resulting in unmatched visual quality. Full IEEE 32-bit floating-point precision per color component (RGBA) delivers millions of color variations with the broadest dynamic range.
  • 32-Bit Floating Point Precision
    Sets new standards for image clarity and quality through 32-bit floating point capabilities in shading, filtering, texturing, and blending. Enables unprecedented rendered image quality for visual effects processing.
  • 32-Bit Filtering and Blending
    Enables unprecedented rendered image quality for visual effects processing.
  • Advanced Color Compression, Early Z-Cull
    Improved pipeline color compression and early z-culling to increase effective bandwidth and improve rendering efficiency and performance.
  • Cg High-Level Graphics Shader Language
    Cg—“C” for graphics—is a high-level, open-standard programming language that takes advantage of the power of programmable GPUs. NVIDIA Quadro FX programmable graphics pipelines leverage high-level shading languages to enable the creation and integration of real-time photorealistic effects into 3D models, scenes, and designs. This represents a key enabler for the creation of real-time, photo-realistic visuals within CAD, DCC, and scientific applications.
  • NVIDIA  CUDA  Parallel Computing Processor
    A parallel computing processor architecture exposed through a C language environment and tool suite in combination with high performance visualization, CUDA unleashes new capabilities to solve highly complex challenges such as real-time ray tracing, video encoding, and interactive volume rendering.
  • NVIDIA Graphics API Extensions
    NVIDIA provides a set of extensions to standard graphics APIs for Linux and Windows, enabling applications to take maximum advantage of state-of-the-art GPU capabilities.
  • Hardware 3D Window Clipping
    Hardware accelerated clip regions (data transfer mechanism between a window and the frame buffer) which improve overall graphics performance by increasing transfer speed between color buffer and frame buffer.
  • Hardware-Accelerated Pixel Read-Back
    Up to 2.4 GB/sec pixel read-back performance delivers massive host throughput.
  • High-Performance Display Outputs
    400MHz RAMDACs and up to two dual-link DVI digital connectors drive the highest resolution digital displays available on the market.
  • 8K Texture and Render Processing
    The ability to texture from and render to 8K x 8K surfaces. Beneficial for applications that demand the highest resolution and quality image processing.
  • Next-Generation Vertex and Pixel Programmability Shader Model 4.0
    Reference standard for shader model 4.0 enabling a higher level of performance and realistic effects for OpenGL and next generation DirectX 10 industry-leading professional applications.
  • NVIDIA High Precision High Dynamic Range (HDR) Technology
    Sets new standards for image clarity and quality through floating point capabilities in shading, filtering, texturing, and blending. Enables unprecedented rendered image quality for visual effects processing.
  • NVIDIA  PureVideo  HD Technology
    The ultimate high-definition movie experience on your PC by combining high-definition movie decode acceleration and post-processing on HDCP enabled platform, HDCP circuitry, and integration with HD movie players. It delivers superb picture quality for all video formats, as well as stunning HD DVD and Blu-ray movies—with low CPU utilization and power consumption.
  • NVIDIA Unified Architecture
    Industry’s first unified architecture designed to dynamically allocate compute, geometry, shading and pixel processing power to deliver optimized GPU performance.
  • nView Advanced Display Software
    The NVIDIA  nView  Advanced Display software delivers maximum flexibility for single-large display or multi-display options, and provides unprecedented end-user control of the desktop experience.
  • Rotated-Grid Full-Scene Antialiasing (RG FSAA)
    The rotated grid FSAA sampling algorithm introduces far greater sophistication in the sampling pattern, significantly increasing color accuracy and visual quality for edges and lines, reducing “jaggies” while maintaining performance.
  • Fanless design
    Built with a passive heatsink for a quieter desktop environment.
  • Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
    The NVIDIA UDA guarantees forward and backward compatibility with software drivers. Simplifies upgrading to a new NVIDIA product because all NVIDIA products work with the same driver software.
  • Low-Profile Form Factor
    Enables Entry Level Professional 3D capabilities for small form factor systems.