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For HP, Supermicro, Intel or Dell servers, please see below categories or check out the new products of the month. Compeve.com provides a wide variety of servers and GPU systems, both new and refurbished, as well as high quality server components and accessories. Be sure to go through all of our products and choose the most suitable item for you, as Compeve.com offers the best of the IT market at highly affordable prices.

If you are in need of power supplies, heatsinks or other components and server accessories, then browse the server components category and be sure to check out the monthly specials for extra discounts and special prices!

New Products For April - Servers

$360.00  $232.70
Save: 35% off
$79.00  $18.53
Save: 77% off
Supermicro 1U Server Dual AMD Opteron 2.4GHz /2GB/250GB/ SC813T

Supermicro 1U SC813T+-500B 1U Rackmount...

$985.00  $351.00
Save: 64% off
$298.55  $155.99
Save: 48% off
nVidia Tesla S1070 16GB 1U 4x M1060 GPU Computing Server

nVidia Tesla S1070 16GB GPU Computing S...

$6,900.00  $399.99
Save: 94% off
$155.00  $32.49
Save: 79% off
$729.00  $99.99
Save: 86% off
Dell PowerEdge SC1425 Dual Intel Xeon Server 3.4GHz/3GB/80GB 1U

Dell PowerEdge SC1425 1U Server Dual I...

$899.00  $383.50
Save: 57% off
HP XW8200, XW9300 Workstation Case Cooling Fan (rear) 356106-002

HP XW8200, XW9300 Workstation Case Cool...

$89.00  $39.00
Save: 56% off
Supermicro 1U,2U Server Ball Bearing Slide Rail Kit Rack Mount

  Supermicro 1U, 2U Server Ball Beari...

$59.00  $24.57
Save: 58% off
Y5894 450watt Power Supply Dell SC1425 PE Server HP-U451EF3

450 watt Power Supply for Dell SC1425 P...

$90.00  $55.25
Save: 39% off
$199.00  $155.00
Save: 22% off