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Tengu Allstars Stardust Sound Toy USB Powered Face Gadget

Tengu Allstars Stardust Sound Toy USB Powered Face Gadget

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  • UPC: 978986241031
  • Model: Tengu Stardust
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  • Manufactured by: Mr Jones Design


Tengu - USB "Face" - Lip Sync Dude

Tengu reacts to sounds by animating its seven different LED face expressions,
lights up and lip syncs to music, your voice, or whatever noise happens to be around at the time
Works with all types of computer
s, laptops - Windows or MAC with USB port.

Working on your PC can sometimes be a lonely experience. Well not anymore, because now you can get yourself a new companion in the form of Tengu!

Tengu is a USB-powered character that lights up and lip-syncs to music, or your voice, or whatever noise happens to be around at the time. Tengu has different facial expressions that you can match to different music. When there's no sound he'll simply fall asleep, as soon as he detects some noise he'll wake up again. Tengu is a fun little character who guarantees to raise a smile as he mimes along to your favourite songs.

Tengu is a stand-alone device that does not require any additional software on the host computer. To change Tengu’s facial expressions you just need to blow on his face for a second (his face will change automatically if he hears a lot of loud music). Tengu responds to sound level and with the right music he magically synchs with the singer.

What does he do?
Tengu reacts to sound: plug him into a USB port on your computer and his face lights up and reacts to the sound around him (your voice, music, the dog barking - he'll react to anything he hears!)

Check out the faq, watch the videos or drop us an email if you're still unclear about anything Tengu-wise!

What's in the box?
1 x Tengu
1 x USB cable
1 x Instruction booklet
1 x Set of stickers

Warranty: 30 Days
Condition: New


What is Tengu?
Tengu is a sound reactive USB character
Does Tengu make any sound?
No, Tengu reacts to sounds around him, but he doesn't create any sound himself.
How does he work?
He plugs into the USB port of a computer and then he responds to sound.
Does Tengu require any special software?
No, Tengu is a self-contained device - he just draws power through the USB port.
Will he work with my computer?
Yes, he should work with all types of computer - Windows, Mac and Linux (as long as it has a USB port)
Will he work with a USB hub?

Yes. Tengu should work just fine plugged into a USB hub.
Who produces Tengu?
Tengu is produced by Mr Jones Design Ltd
Who designed Tengu?
Tengu was designed by Crispin Jones.

Why is he called Tengu?
A Tengu is a character from Japanese folklore that plays tricks on people and generally gets up to mischief. The name was chosen by the designer Crispin Jones, who explains, "The early prototypes of Tengu featured some slightly different behaviour which was more aligned with the kind of tricks that Tengus get up to. Later we changed the behaviour of the character, but we really liked the name so it stuck!