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We here at Compeve.com are committed to offering our customers professional workstation video cards, as well as the widest range of IT products, such as computer hardware, electronics, laptops or desktops and professional GPU graphic cards. We are a top online retailer for video and graphic cards, whether you need them for your workstation, multi-monitors,CAD, video editing, gaming or anything else.

If you wish to purchase video cards for multiple monitors, Compeve.com can provide you with a large variety of such items, as well as professional workstation video cards of the highest quality and the best possible prices on the market! Check out below our range of products and convince yourself of the great shopping experience at Compeve.com!

Manufacturer Product Image Item Name+ Price
G-Form Extreme Edge Protective Perimeter Case Ipad & 10" tablets

G-Form Extreme Edge Protective Perimete...

$44.99 $17.99Save: 60% off
Cat Cora Starfrit 8-Inch Chef's Knife Professional Slicer Walnut

Cat Cora Starfrit 8-Inch Chef Slicer Kn...

$65.00 $39.00Save: 40% off
ATI FireGL V7350 1GB 100-505143 Workstation Graphics Video Card

ATI FireGL V7350 1GB Workstation Graphi...

$219.00 $58.50Save: 73% off
ATI FireGL V8650 2GB GDDR4 PCI-E x16 Workstation Video Card

ATI FireGL™ V8650 , PCI-E x16, 2GB ...

$350.00 $123.50Save: 65% off
ATI FireGL V8650 2GB 100-505509 PCI-E Video Card Retail

ATI FireGL™ V8650 , PCI-E, 2GB GDDR...

$2,599.00 $487.50Save: 81% off

New Products For January

$650.00 $499.00Save: 23% off
$199.00 $136.00Save: 32% off
$820.00 $680.00Save: 17% off
$199.00 $99.00Save: 50% off
$299.00 $149.00Save: 50% off
$347.00 $239.00Save: 31% off
$699.00 $479.00Save: 31% off
$65.00 $42.00Save: 35% off
$189.00 $99.00Save: 48% off
$299.00 $109.00Save: 64% off
$999.00 $599.00Save: 40% off
$189.00 $139.00Save: 26% off

Featured Products

Nvidia Quadro K6000 12GB GDDR5 PCIe 3.0 x16 GPU Graphics Adapter

Nvidia Quadro K6000 12GB GDDR5 PCIe 3.0...

$5,999.99 $1,280.00Save: 79% off
NVIDIA Tesla K80 24GB GPU Processing Card 900-22080-0000-000

NVIDIA Tesla K80 24GB GDDR5 Server GPU ...

$6,900.00 $2,749.99Save: 60% off
Nvidia GRID K340 4GB GDDR5 PCIe 3 x16 Cloud Gaming GPU Graphics

Nvidia GRID K340 4GB GDDR5 PCIe gen3 x1...

$3,799.00 $1,558.70Save: 59% off
NVIDIA Tesla K80 24GB GPU Processing Unit 699-22080-0200-500

NVIDIA Tesla K80 24GB GDDR5 Server GPU ...

$6,900.00 $2,250.00Save: 67% off
Nvidia VGX GRID K2 8GB PCIe Kepler GPU Card HP 729851-B21

HP/Nvidia VGX GRID K2 8GB PCIe 3 x16 Ke...

$4,499.00 $1,275.00Save: 72% off
Dell Juniper PowerConnect J-SRX100 Service Gateway 83T5N no PSU

Dell PowerConnect J-SRX100 Service Gate...

$889.00 $292.50Save: 67% off

Monthly Specials For January

Eaton PW9130I3000R-XL2U UPS 3000VA 2700W 230V 2U Rack Mount

C20 Input (8) C13 (1) C19 Output. Doubl...

$1,800.00 $1,547.00Save: 14% off
APC RBC27-SLA27-ER Lead Acid Replacement Battery Cartridge

APC RBC27-SLA27-ER Lead Acid Replacemen...

$319.00 $99.00Save: 69% off
APC 1300VA Power Saving Back-UPS 1300 UPS BR1300G / No Battery

The Back-UPS Pro family offers guarante...

$179.00 $128.70Save: 28% off
APC APCRBC140 Replacement Battery Cartridge #140 - UPS battery

Add a powerful battery pack to your ABC...

$500.00 $455.00Save: 9% off
APC AP8862 METERED 0U 120/208V 20A 3-PHASE 36X5-20R RACK PDU 2G

APC Metered Rack Power Distribution Uni...

$750.00 $663.00Save: 12% off
HP SATA Raid controller Spare:406060-001 Assy: 395687-002PA624A1

The Adaptec Serial ATA II RAID 1420SA c...

$149.00 $119.60Save: 20% off
Upcoming Products
These items will be in stock soon
Item Name Date Expected
HP 81E 8GB PCI-e Host Bus Adapter AJ762-63003 697889-001 08/31/2045